Rogue Firefly MMO

June 27th, 2011 – 1:57 am
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It’s been nearly three years since there was any movement on the Firefly MMO. Multiverse seem to have forgotten about it completely. Now, however, there’s movement elsewhere entirely. In the proper Browncoat spirit, there’s an independent MMO being developed, and they’re hoping to get the rights from Fox and Mutant Enemy. This is Firefly Universe Online.

Now, while I’m delighted to see some movement on this, I will be astonished if it actually gets anywhere. The rights have been sold, and not to these people. Multiverse have to defend those rights, and I suspect there are lawyers in motion right now.

Further, there doesn’t seem to be an actual game there yet. There’s a list of fascinating-sounding mechanics on the Experience page, including things like “role-play xp levelling”, and “butterfly effect gameplay”. But there’re no details available.

I’d love this to be real, but right now it looks like even foggier vapourware than the authorised Firefly MMO. I’ll be keeping a close eyes on it, so watch this space.

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